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 Malia Rose Aldrich

Equine Performance Bodywork

Malia Rose Aldrich is a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner which is a beautifully integrated bodywork incorporating various modalities to improve range of motion, relieve tension and restriction at the three key junctions of your horse. Malia serves performance and pleasure horses on the California Central Coast, Monterey County, San Benito County and San Luis Obispio County.

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My Background

 My spark was ignited by horses in my childhood, while racing wild ponies along reed-filled canals with my cousin, in Sonoma County. That spark was further ignited in my soul in 2000, when, as a young adult, I met that special horse who taught me about being a good leader and listener, and about real commitment. This re-opened the door for me and I became a fixture at the barn, which naturally evolved into a small, local training business in Carmel Valley. My natural softness and feel spoke well to the young horses. I enjoyed starting young colts and fillies under saddle, as well as teaching novice riders that same feel with their own horses. There was a moment in my life when that spark was dampened by the loss of my heart horse, to a catastrophic injury. It was just 10 days before our first daughter was born. I then decided to take a step back from horses: to focus on my family and heal my heart from the loss of Dugan. Horses remained in my soul, just sitting on the back burner and waiting ever-so patiently for my spark to awaken. The Masterson Method did that for me: it reignited that deep connection with horses. With a a love for, and a natural ability with horses the path became ever more clear that it was my duty and desire and heal and help all equine. With hard work, dedication, and exemplary coaches, mentors, and family support, I proudly became a certified practitioner in August of 2018.

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Equine Bodywork Session

What A Typical Session Looks Like

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Continued Education

Deepening my knowledge of the horse to better care for yours

My love for the horse leads me to many continued education opportunities. My focus is on Primary Issues to develop a deeper understanding of anatomical function, feet, teeth, and the nervous system.

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Masterson Method Certified Practitioner Conference


David Landerville.jpg

David Landerville

Hoof Building Clinic


Jillian Krienbring

Course 1: Functional Anatomy & Dynamic Posture 
Course 2: Rhythm: The First Riding Necessity

Learn More


In the initial evaluation, I will gather information about your horse that will help me locate areas of tension in your horse's body. Some common issues, or causes of tension in the body are:

  • Pain or discomfort in the feet

  • Injury or accident 

  • Compensation for Dental issues

  • Saddle fit issues

  • Conformation

  • Conditioning 

  • Over exertion of muscles

  • rider unbalance


Bladder Meridian

This is a lovely way to start the session: I will be using soft touch, while reading your horse's subtle responses. This technique speaks directly to their nervous system, to aid them in releasing tension. This is a soft and slow technique that is extremely powerful and effective in uncovering tension. I will work over the pathway of the bladder meridian which runs over all the main junctions of the horse. I absolutely adore this technique and would love to share it's value and effectiveness with you.


Bodywork Session

This is where it all comes together. During the session I will be working on the 3 key junctions of your horse: atlas-axis/poll, neck-shoulder-wither, and the hind end junction. I will be moving your horse through a range of motion, while staying under your horse's brace responses, to aid in the release of tension. I will also use soft touch to work with the fascia and the soft tissue in it's entirety. Your horse will feel the full effects of an endorphin release and full relaxation. Benefits will include:

  • Increased range of motion

  • Increased circulation

  • Relaxation

  • Release of tension and restriction

  • Improved performance

  • Improved attitude and well-being


Bodywork Menu

Full session...$125-

Preparing for session:

Remove blanket or flysheet

Clean stall or paddock

Groom horse

Fly Spray

Disclaimer: Equine bodywork is never intended to replace the care of your veterinarian.  It is not within my scope of practice to diagnose or treat illness or injury.  There are instances in which equine bodywork may be an inappropriate modality for a horse in need of other facets of care, and I will never work on a horse in need of veterinarian attention.  Please consult your vet before enlisting your horse in an equine bodywork regimen. I welcome the opportunity to talk with your vet about your horse's condition at any time.  The best care for your horse is the result of open communication between all.

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Continued Education

The learning never stops

2024 MMCP Conference.jpg

2024 MMCP Conference

Journey on podcast summit.jpg

Warwick Shiller Journey On Podcast Summit 2022

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Being with Horses brings me so much joy

Home: Past Events
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Malia Rose Aldrich

P.O Box 949                                     
Carmel Valley CA, 93924


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Malia has worked on several of my clients horses from performance horses to retired horses. Every single horse absolutely loves the bodywork! The day after their sessions with Malia, I can feel a big difference in their gaits. The horses movements are always more fluid, relaxed and consistent after being worked on. I have noticed that one horse she works on, who is particularly busy with his mouth, is less mouthy after her sessions. His attitude overall is more relaxed than normal. Malia has a very calm and relaxing vibe that the horse really dig. I highly recommend Malia’s bodywork!

Danielle Maschmeyer

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